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Selling your mineral interests doesn’t need to be difficult or stressful. In fact, with our team, the process can be pleasant and pain free. We have successfully closed hundreds of mineral transactions, and emphasize open communication and speed throughout the process. Building your better future starts today and getting started is easy.


You're three simple steps away from a better future.



Whether you are responding to a written offer you received from us in the mail, reaching out based on the recommendation of a friend, or discovered OneMap through our website, the first step to better understanding your options is to start a conversation with OneMap. You can reach us here.



We will work with you to identify the property(ies) available for sale and documentation needed for us to conduct a comprehensive evaluation. Since OneMap has a full team of engineers, geologists, and landmen in-house, we can work quickly to finalize your offer – an offer that reflects our thorough technical understanding of your minerals.



Now for the fun part. Once our evaluation is complete and the transaction is ready to close, we work diligently to provide a smooth closing with funds wired to your account.


The decision to sell mineral interests is often personal—perhaps you are looking to gain greater financial flexibility, simplify your estate, and reduce debt. Or, maybe your goal is to provide for your family’s education and avoid the constant uncertainty of oil prices.

Regardless of your reason, the ability to receive a significant lump sum payment in exchange for a portion of your mineral interests empowers you to take control of your financial future!

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By exchanging your monthly royalty checks for a lump sum payment, you open countless opportunities. Use this money to pay debt, fund education, invest, and have fun!  The options are endless, and you are in the position to build your best future.


Eliminate the uncertainty of fluctuating royalty payments. Your current revenue is impacted by commodity prices, operator time lines, and market conditions, all of which are out of your control. Manage this risk by selling all or a portion of your mineral interests and take control of your financial situation.


Paperwork, accounting, administration…the management and transition of mineral assets can be tedious and confusing. Trading your mineral interests for a lump sum payment dramatically simplifies estate planning and trust management, allowing you to spend your energy and resources more productively.

Lower Taxes

Mineral rights owners are typically subject to several taxes, and these expenses can be meaningful and cumbersome. Selling your mineral rights eliminates complex accounting statements, and may prove more tax efficient. Consult your tax advisor to review your specific scenario.

Dealing with OneMap was a very positive experience…I found these gentlemen to have acted with fairness, honesty, and to be both attentive and flexible in addressing our needs.

Kenneth M.

The statement above was provided by a non-advisory client of OneMap and is specific to the selling of mineral rights and not an endorsement or recommendation of any OneMap advisory product or service. No compensation was provided by OneMap in exchange for such statement.


We look forward to speaking with you about the potential sale of your minerals. Please complete the form below.

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